Agilent 1672G

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Agilent 1672G

The Agilent 1672G is an standalone Logic Analyzer with 500 MHz Timing/150 MHz State, 68 Channels, 256K Memory


  • 68 channels of logic analysis
  • Solid performance: 150 MHz state speed, 500 MHz timing speed
  • 256K acquisition memory
  • 2 GB hard drive and 1.44 MB DOS floppy drive
  • VGA resolution, color, flat-panel display helps you to find information quickly
  • Navigating through the user interface is made simple via your choice of either mouse or
  • front-panel operation
  • File formats for ASCII data and PCX/TIFF/EPS screen shots
  • Centronics printer port, GPIB and RS-232 programmability
  • LAN for remote operation via X-Windows and data transfers via FTP/NFS
  • Option 001 256K Memory
  • Option 004 Pattern Generator: 32 channel, 100M vector/sec, 256K vector deep
  • Extra:Training Kit
  • Warranty: 3 month

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