Agilent N2862B

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Agilent N2862B

The Agilent N2862B is a 150 MHz Probe and provides the passive function 10:1 attenuation and features a high input resistance. The probe can be adjusted for low-frequency compensation and high-frequency compensation. For use with Keysight Technologies InfiniiVision and Infiniium-series oscilloscopes. For Use With  Keysight Technologies InfiniiVision & Infiniium Series Oscilloscopes.


  • Bandwidth (-3 dB): 150 MHz
  • Attenuation ratio: 10:1
  • Input resistance: 10 MOhm
  • Maximum input voltage: 300V RMS
  • Scope compensation range: 5 – 30 pF
  • Probe ID: Yes
  • Cable length: 1.2 m

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