Fluke 435 Series II Skye Electronics
Fluke 435 Series II Skye Electronics
Fluke 435 Series II Skye Electronics

Fluke 435 Series II

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Fluke 435 Series II

The Fluke 435 serie II Three-Phase Power Quality and Energy Analyzer with four iFlex Current Probes and four Curent Clamps is like a power quality insurance policy. No matter what goes wrong in your facility, you will always be prepared with the 435-II. Equipped with advanced power quality functions and energy monetization capabilities, there is no electrical issue that this model cannot handle. Its PowerWave function captures fast RMS values and allows you to see every waveform to determine how the voltage, current and frequency values are interacting. Its Power Inverter Efficiency function measures both AC power and DC power, in and out, to monitor the efficiency of your inverters.


  • Frontline Troubleshooting
  • Long-Term Analysis
  • Load Studies
  • PowerWave Data Capture
  • Power Inverter Efficiency
  • Energy Monetization
  • Energy Assessment
  • Predictive Maintenance

Comes with:

  • Set of 4 i430 FLEXI-TF 6000 A AC Current Probes (new)
  • Set of 4 i400s 400 A AC Current Clamps (new)
  • USB Cable for PC Connection (USB-A to mini-USB-B)
  • Set of 5 Alligator Clips
  • Set of 5 Test Leads, 2.5 m
  • Set of 5 Color Coding Clips
  • Power Adapter: BC430
  • Fluke BP291 4800 mAh High Capacity Li-Ion Battery
  • Software Version: V04.00
  • Soft Carrying Case: C1740

Condition: As New