Fluke 96B

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Fluke 96B

The Fluke 96B ScopeMeter Series II is a battery powered, combination scope and meter designed for measurements on the go. Designed with a sealed, ruggedized case, the Fluke 96B performs reliably, even in wet, dusty or dirty environments.


  • 2 Channel, 60 MHz Bandwidth
  • Continuous Autoset
  • Cursor Measurments
  • Measure Menu Automatic Setups
  • Multimeter Display with Full Width Waveform
  • True RMS Volts
  • Waveform/Math capability
  • Signal Generator
  • Component tester
  • Remote operation through RS-232 Interface cable
  • Video line selector
  • Video triggering for NTSC, PAL, SECAM and Hi resolution video

Comes with:

  • Operating Manual (German, English or French)
  • Quick Operating Manual
  • English and German Display Language
  • SW90W FlukeView Software
  • PM9080 Interface Cable
  • Two Battery Packs PM8096/011
  • AC/DC Adapter PM8907-801
  • Two PM8918 100 MHz Probes
  • Complete Accessoiries Set
  • Hard Case
  • 3 Month Warranty

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