Fluke PM6303A RCL Meter

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Fluke PM6303A RCL Meter

The Fluke PM6303A RCL Meter is the fast and simple way to get information about the value and electrical characteristics of any component. Just connect the component and read-out the value, the units and the equivalent circuit diagram from the large, backlit LCD display. This versatile meter gives you 9 specific parameter tests, with switchable dc bias for components that need it. At the push of a button you can select series or parallel resistance, capacitance, inductance, impedance, Q (quality) and D (dissipation) factors, and phase angle.


  • Automatic Zero Trimming
  • Measuring Frequency: 1 kHz
  • Connectors: 2 mm sockets
  • Resistance (Rp, Rs, Z): 0.000Ω to 200 MΩ
  • Capacitance (Cp, Cs): 0.0 pF to 100 mF
  • Inductance (Lp, Ls): 0.0 mH to 32 kH
  • Q and D factor: 0.002 to 500
  • Phase angle F: -90.0 to +90.0 deg

Maximum Resolution:

  • Impedance/Resistance: 1 mΩ
  • Capacitance C: 0.1 pF
  • Inductance L: 0.1 mH
  • Q and D factor: 0.001
  • Phase angle F: 0.1 deg

Comes With:

  • Two test pods
  • User Manual
  • Operating Card
  • Mains Cable


  • PM9542A 4-Wire Test Adapter with PM9542SMD
  • PM9541A Kelvin Cable

Warranty: 3 Month

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