Fluke PM6681-066

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Fluke PM6681-066

The Fluke PM6681-066 sets the standard for measurement of time intervals, frequency, phase and jitter. The PM6681 is much more than just a timer/counter. Its speed and resolution are comparable to the most accurate time and frequency modulation domain analyzers.

  • 300 MHz range
  • 50 ps single-shot time interval resolution
  • Down to 1 ps averaged time interval resolution
  • 11 digits per second measuring speed
  • 8k readings/s to internal memory with 50 ps resolution
  • Continuous single-period measurements at up to 40k readings/s
  • Repetitive sampling rate up to 10Msamples/s
  • High trigger level resolution 1.25 mV
  • Very low systematic time error 500 ps
  • IEEE
  • Manual on CD
  • Bench or Rackmount model
  • 3 month warranty


  • PM9692 Ultra High Stability Oven Time Base

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