Fluke PM6685R-071

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Fluke PM6685R-071

With a built-in Rubidium atomic resonance-controlled frequency reference, the PM 6685R is one of the most accurate frequency counters on the market. High stability, high accuracy and short warm-up time make this instrument ideal for high-accuracy calibration procedures outside the calibration laboratory environment, such as in base station transmitters of large telecommunications networks like GSM.
The short warm-up time makes that the PM 6685R is ready for use quickly, for example after transport or change of location inside a building.

  • 300 MHz range
  • High accuracy and short
  • Warm-up time: 5 min. to lock
  • Calibrates any application specific frequency
  • 10 MHz buffered Rubidium reference output
  • Automatic burst synchronization
  • 250 ps single time resolution
  • Down to 100 ps averaged time interval resolution
  • 10 digits per second measuring speed
  • 3 month warranty

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