FUG MCN 14-2000

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FUG MCN 14-2000

The FUG MCN 14-2000 rectifies the line voltage and drives a square wave generator of constant frequency, whose AC voltage is transformed, rectified and filtered, producing the output voltage. For the regulation, the square wave voltage is pulse width modulated.


  • Unlimited operation with rated current in a short-circuit condition
  • Unlimited operation with nominal power
  • Voltage and current regulation with automatic, sharp transition
  • Control mode indicated by LED
  • Voltage and current setting with 10-turn potentiometers
  • 3½ digits DVM for voltage and current
  • Suitable for inductive and capacitive loads
  • Floating output, either the positive or the negative pole to earth
  • Voltage: 0 – 2000 Volt
  • Current: 0- 6 mA
  • 2x Radial R317.005.000 SHV Coaxial Cable Connector
  • Warranty: 3 month

Condition: Good