Gossen LSP 33K

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Gossen LSP 33K

The Gossen LSP 33K (Laboratory and System Power Supply) is compact, linear controlled three output device with extraordinary control characteristics. It is exceptionally well suited for universal use in R&D, production, training and service applications.
Control mode indicators display current operating status. The analog interface provides for monitor, auxiliary power and signal outputs, as well as status display and setpoint inputs.



  • 2x 0-25V 0-1A
  • 1x 0-7V 0-5A
  • SELV (safety extra-low voltage)
  • Three mutually isolated outputs (at the front panel)
  • Constant voltage and constant current operation
  • Extremely minimal residual ripple
  • Accurate, infinite adjustment of output voltage and current
  • Analog interface (for remote control)
  • Outputs can be connected for parallel or series operation
  • Master-slave operation
  • Tracking operation
  • Rugged metal housing with carrying handle, suitable for rack-mounting
  • 3 month warranty

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