HP 3325B

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HP 3325B

The HP 3325B is a generator/waveform synthesizer with frequency accuracy, resolution, and stability that are ideal for applications such as crystal filter test, multiplexed communication system testing, clock/timing simulation and audio frequency system testing.
Exceptionally linear triangles and ramp signals are produced with synthesized accuracy and stability for applications such as VCO testing or process control. The dc-to-21 MHz frequency range (sine) makes the 3325B ideal for high-performance video system testing.
Pure sine waves or high quality squarewaves can be combined with up to ±5V of DC offset to interface with biased circuits or for stimulus in digital environments. In modulation applications, let the Agilent 3325B provide the carrier for a modulation source, or use the internal modulation source to get modulated signals from the 3325B alone.


  • Sine, square, triangle, negative and positive ramps, arbs, dc offset
  • Fully synthesized microhertz resolution
  • Internal programmable modulation source
  • LOG, LIN, discrete sweep
  • Excellent signal purity
  • DC to 60 MHz sync output


  • Sinewave signals up to 20.999 999 999 MHz
  • Precision squarewaves up to 10.999 999 999 MHz (risetime 20 ns).
  • Triangle and ramp waveshapes with 0.05% linearity up to 10.999 999 999 kHz
  • Excellent signal purity
  • DC and phase offset
  • Built-in modulation generator (can be used as arbitrary function generator via HP-IB)
  • Save-recall memory
  • Log., lin., and discrete sweep
  • HP-IB and RS 232 programmable
  • Manuals: see Internet

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