HP 54701A

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HP 54701A

The HP 54701A 2.5-GHz Active Probe is a probe solution for high-frequency applications.This probe is designed to be powered from a connector at the front of the oscilloscope, or with the 1143A Probe Offset Control and Power Module. It can be used with any measuring instrument with a 50-Ω input.


  • A bandwidth of 2.5 GHz
  • Input resistance of 100 kΩ
  • Input capacitance of approximately 0.6 pF
  • Dynamic range of ±5 V peak ac and ±50 Vdc
  • Variable dc offset of ±50 V
  • Excellent immunity to ESD and over-voltages

Accessories Supplied:

  • Type N(f) to BNC(m) adapter
  • “Walking-stick” ground
  • Box of small accessories
  • Carrying case

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