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HP 8769K

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HP 8769K

This HP 8769K of single-pole, multiple-throw switch utilizes the same proven technology as the well known HP/Agilent 849X family of step attenuators.


  • Single-Pole MultiThrow Microwave Switch (six throw)
  • Configuration: HP 8769K: SP6T unterminated
  • Connectors: (Opt 002 SMA)
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Frequency range: dc–26.5 GHz
  • Life and repeatability: 0.03 dB @ 106 cycles per section
  • Power average/peak: 1 W avg, 100 W peak (+ 7 Vdc) (nonswitching)
  • Repeat.: 0.03 dB max (typ.0.01 dB over 5 million switching cycles per section)
  • Max RF power: 1 W avg, 100 W peak (10ms)
  • DC control:12 pin Viking (24V DC)

Condition: As New