Tektronix P6248

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Tektronix P6248

Tektronix P6248 1.7 GHz differential probe is ideal for design verification of disk drive read channel electronics and timing analysis for troubleshooting ground bounce problems associated with high speed logic. They can also be used for pulse shape or cross talk compliance testing of high speed communication signals. Connects to TekProbe® BNC interface on TDS Series oscilloscopes or
other instruments using 1103 Tektronix Probe Power Supply.


  • Bandwidth: 1.5 GHz, 1.85 GHz (x10)
  • Rise Time: 265 ps
  • Input cap.: <1 pF
  • Probe Type: Differential
  • Attenuation: X1, X10
  • Max.Comm.Mode Inp. Voltage: ±7 (1X & 10X)V
  • Connector Type: TekProbe® BNC
  • Complete unused accessoiries

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