Philips PM3055-001

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Philips PM3055-001

The PM3055-001 is an economical and easy to use oscilloscope. Instant display of connected waveforms is achieved at a touch of the AUTOSET button.


  • 2 channel 60 MHz Analog bandwith, dual timebase
  • Vertical deflection: 2mV/div – 10V/div sensitivity
  • Trigger: Auto, Auto p-p, DC, AC, LF, HF +/- slope, TVL, TVF, line
  • Trigger sensitivity 100 MHz
  • Autoset for automatic amplitude, time and trigger setting
  • LCD panel displays status and settings
  • Instruction manual
  • 6 month warranty

The special 100 MHz probes (PM8926-591) are not included. These are available for an extra charge.

Condition: As New