Philips PM6303-PM9541

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Philips PM6303-PM9541

The Philips PM6303-PM9541 automatic RCL meter will rapidly determine the value, electric dimension and equivalent circuit of passive components to a very high order of accuracy, and over a wide range. The measured value, together with the appropiate unit of measurement and the equivalent circuit-graphics, are easily read on a large 4-digit liquid crystal display.


  • Extremly fast automatic operation
  • Displays component value, measurement units and equivalent circuit
  • All displays appear simultaneously
  • Push-button selection of nine different parameters
  • Two- or four-wire connection
  • Measuring Accuracy: +/- 0.25%
  • Measyring Frequency: 1 kHz
  • Resistance: Rp, Rs, Z 0.000Ω to 200 MΩ
  • Capacitance: Cp, Cs 0.0 pF to 100 mF
  • Inductance: Lp, Ls 0.0 µH to 32 kH
  • Quality Factor: Q 0.002 to 500
  • Dissipation Factor: D 0.002 to 500 manual
  • Type of Connectors: 4 mm sockets
  • Instruction manual
  • With Kelvin testlead PM9541
  • 6 month warranty

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