Stanford Research Systems DS345

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Stanford Research Systems DS345

The Stanford Research Systems DS345 is a full featured 30 MHz synthesised function generator. Using an innovative Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) architecture, the SRS DS345 provides outputs of high spectral purity, outstanding frequency and phase agility, and remarkably versatile modulation and arbitrary waveform capability.


  • Frequency output from 1µHz to 30.2 MHz
  • 16,300 point arbitrary waveforms
  • Sine, square, ramp and noise output
  • 10 Vpp output into 50 Ω
  • Phase continuous frequency sweeps
  • 1µHz frequency resolution
  • AM, FM and phase modulation
  • Option: 01, RS-232 and GPIB interfaces
  • Warranty: 3 month

Condition: Good