Tektronix 067-0484-01

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Tektronix 067-0484-01

This Tektronix 067-0484-01 Deskew Fixture provides an edge source to time align (deskew) and to optimize oscilloscope gain and offset accuracy at the probe tip.
The Tektronix 067-0484-01 Deskew Fixture accommodates several Tektronix probes. It has components that aid in the alignment of probes, such as cable retainers, stainless steel springs, guide posts and square pins. The probes are held in place allowing hands-free operation without requiring a probe arm.

Can be used for the P6246, P6247, P6248, P6330, and P7330 differential probes and for
P6249, P7240 and P7260 single-ended probes without Tektronix probe tips.

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