Tektronix P6231

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Tektronix P6231

The Tektronix P6231 is a low-impedance, subminiature, 1,5 GHz 10X active probe with identification capability. The probe is designed for use with 11000 Series oscilloscopes and is equipped with the new TekProbe interface which draws power from the host instrument and provides data communication between the oscilloscope and the probe.
The P6231 offers a variable offset voltage at the probe tip to reduce loading effects. The offset is controlled through the TEKPROBE interface by the host instrument.
The voltage available at the probe tip spans the range from -5V to + 5V, allowing the probe to minimize loading effects on most logic families in use today.


  • Attenuation              10X
  • Input Resistance   450 Ohm
  • Input Capacitance < 1.6 pF
  • Bandwidth(-3 dB)   1,5 GHz
  • Rise Time               < 230 ps
  • Complete acc. set

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