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Tektronix P6408

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Tektronix P6408

The Tektronix P6408 is a 16-channel word recognizer/trigger probe for use with digital or analog host instruments (such as oscilloscopes or logic analyzers). The P6408 allows triggering on logic states, rather than on analog levels. The trigger word is manually programmed via 16 miniature DIP switches on the probe pod with HI, LO, and DON’T CARE recognition capabilities.


  • Input Channels : 16 Data + 1 Qualifier
  • Output Channels : 1 (Trigger via Scope Probe)
  • Input Compatibility : TTL and TTC
  • Input Logic Levels : HI/ONE ≥+2V, LO/ZERO ≤0.7V
  • Maximum Input Voltage Range : -1 V to +15 V
  • Minumum Input Pulse Width : 10 ns (one input)
  • Minumum Input Pulse Width : 40 ns (combination of inputs)
  • Output Voltage Level : HI/ONE ≥+200 mV, LO/ZERO ≤+70 mV
  • Input to Output Delay : ≤ 20 ns
  • Warranty: 1 month

Condition: As New