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Tektronix P7330 Differential Probe

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Tektronix P7330 Differential Probe

This Tektronix P7330 High Performance Differential Probe brings you the highest fidelity in high-speed differential probing. The Tektronix P7330 high-bandwidth differential probe offers excellent signal fidelity, meeting the needs of engineers in design and debug of technologies with very fast clock speeds and edge rates. They provide high-bandwidth, low circuit loading, low-noise differential probing solutions for high-speed circuit designers.


  • Bandwidth: 3.5 GHz
  • Attenuation: X5
  • Input Resistance: 100 kOhm
  • Input Range: +/- 2V
  • Common Mode Range: +5 V to -4 V
  • Max Voltage: +/- 15 V (DC + peak AC)
  • CMRR: >60 dB at 1MHz
  • Noise: Approx. 35 nV/root Hz
  • Interface: Tekconnect

Comes With:

  • All accessories as shown in the photo
  • Hard case
  • User Manual

Condition: As New