Tektronix PG506A

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Tektronix PG506A

The Tektronix PG506A Calibration Generator provides three modes of square wave output, selectable dc outputs, and a variable amplitude output with front panel digital indication of oscilloscope deflection error. Simultaneous, plus and minus low-level, fast-rise (1.0 ns) square waves or high-amplitude (60 V) extremely clean square waves are available at frequencies from 10Hz through 1MHz for checking oscilloscope transient response. Frequency Response: 10Hz to 1MHz. Warranty: 3 month.


Standard Amplitude Output:

  • Range 1MOhm: 0,2 mV to 100 V
  • Range 50Ohm: 0.1 mV to 5V
  • Deflection Error Readout: + and – 7,5%

High Amplitude:

  • Amplitude pp: < 6 – < 60V
  • With 50 Ohm Load: < 5 – 5V

Condition: Good