Wayne Kerr 4250 100 kHz Impedance Analyzer

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Wayne Kerr 4250 100 kHz Impedance Analyzer

The Wayne Kerr 4250 Automatic LCR Meter provides direct and accurate measurements on inductors,
capacitors and resistors at any of four alternative frequencies.
In addition to reading the major term (inductance L, capacitance C, or resistance R),
it can be switched to measure the resistive loss term of inductors and capacitors
and any L or C term present with resistors. The instrument selects the more
appropriate presentation of results (equivalent series or parallel components)
All L, C and R measurements can be displayed as absolute values or as % deviation
from a specified nominal value.
Comprehensive arrangements are provided for the binning of components, by % deviation
or by absolute value, with ten bins available for each method.
The 4250 has also four BNC connectors which can be used for making remote connections.


  • Funktions: L,C,R,O,D, percentage deviation and auto component mode
  • Frequencies: 100 Hz – 1 kHz – 10 kHz – 100 kHz
  • Speed: 650 ms
  • Accuracy: 0.1 – 0.5 %

Condition: Good